Curiosity: The Thirty​-​Six Views of Mt. Meraki

by Meraki

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aaronwriterguy Meraki proves what technically proficient musicians are capable of when they've got both a brain and a heart. Favorite track: Siddhartha.
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released August 18, 2012

Recorded by Brad Lee at Stereo Disguise Recording Laboratories / Andy Rusinek at his house.
Mixed by Andy Rusinek and Meraki.
Mastered by Daniel Ron.
Artwork by Beau Brynes.

Meraki is:
Shane D. Moylan
Nick Arnold
Sarah Linton
Jake Kelsoe



all rights reserved


Meraki San Diego, California

shane jake sarah nick

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Track Name: Cope
You can't look for perfection
Amongst those of your own kind.
You used to run in the direction
Down the roads with no signs.

Quit looking so hard
With only your eyes.
Try something else;
Take a peak inside.

So long,
Former self.
I, for one, am sad to see you go away.

Thanks for
All your help
but it might be best to call it a day.

Ooooooh, Howl with me.
Ooooooh, Howl with me.
Ooooooh, Howl with me!
Ooooooh, Howl with me!
Ooooooh, Howl with me!
Track Name: Baghdad Ass Up
Shut your eyes, but make sure to hold them tight enough
So that the floodgates don't crack and spill over my new carpet.

Well, I hope you brought a compass, cuz I'm as lost as you are.
Without a proper game plan, I don't think we'll get far.

But it's just down the road.
And it's only one more zone.
Though the destination's unknown,
I know we'll make it our home!

But it's just down the road!
And it's only one more zone!
Though the destination's unknown,
I know we'll make it our home!!

And so it goes... I could get used to this.
Track Name: Deep Time
Take a little break from that manual constant cycle of breathe for a moment.
Step in and halt what you haven’t thought about in years. man the reigns;
Don’t worry, we’ll still be here when you get back to reality.

Now, how did it feel to hold your life in your own hands for a change?
Did that splice of time where you were in control, did that wake you up?
Are you haunted by the fact that organs are meant to fail, skin is meant to crack, and light is meant to thin and flatten amongst ozonic plagues that cling to paths of cloudy whispers?

A mere river is worthy of the same opportunities
To try and fail, to leap and wail,
To listen and accept, to deny and regret,
As any other blink of matter might ever have.
You’ve wasted so much time, spent your last dime
Trying to fly, you wanted to fly.

You've wasted so much time.
Track Name: Eye Floaters
I saved you a spot in the grand lineup, but you didn’t show up on time. So tell me that you haven’t seen a god, and I’ll make sure you can’t take your eyes off of the shrine.

Dig a deeper hole, and assume the ground won’t let you fall inside of it.

Live a fuller life, and don’t wait for sacred spacecraft to arrive. 

Because you’re gonna find them on a not-so-distant world,
Hiding in the last corner that hasn’t been tarnished by the death and the cold.
Still, they glow in distress, signaling for help because they were alone,
But you have been what’s kept them within reality’s confides.

You anchored them with lines of overwhelming promise to expand to the heavens and back round again.

We scraped the sound off the cylinders and shades, cylinders and shades,
Bended the nouns and sent them back to space,
(we) Sent a message right up to the clouds, up to the clouds,
A message of vial disgrace... of vial disgrace:

“I give up now, put me back into place. There’s not one fitting moniker that will ever tag this face. Find me a home not of this road. Give back to the public and don’t ever regret it.”
Track Name: Ebbtide
I remember when I heard we had boundaries, and that people just want to sleep soundly alone in their own beds. Everything's fine and dandy in your own head.



Track Name: Retain
I've been told, I've been told it's bittersweet growing old and getting closer to the truth with the finish line just round the bend. I don't want this ride to end.

When it's over, you might think your life just goes down the drain. What you've said must've been done already; Are we just one and the same? Well, doesn't that seem lame?

Because it's apparent our time is thin.
You can feel it with each celestial spin.
The peak of this battle's about to begin,
And for your sake, you better win.

I'm afraid that I've become an endless stream, all talk, but I really try to implicate those promises I tend to squawk. Got lost in the cycles of the clock.

Because it's apparent our time is thin.
You can feel it with each celestial spin.
The peak of this battle's about to begin,
And for your sake, you better win.

When you told me that I deserved to be happy, I felt some hope.
Back then, I wouldn't have thought that you'd be so wrong.
Now it's getting kinda dark, so go inside or get ready to face your worst.
In the carcass of this night, all you'll find of what's left hangs on the cross.